Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Worthwhile Finds

We headed out for some shopping today.  First was a trip to the grocery by Garett and Terri.  The stores aren't open tomorrow so the place was a zoo.  Terri experienced the parking garage in the Mini.  Thank goodness Garett has a small car!

The rest headed to a charity bookshop and each found something to browse on the flight home.  A good momento at least.

After lunch we headed out to Piccadilly Circus to look for a football for Elizabeth and Christmas ornaments for the Mellors.  The first was an easy find - Elizabeth picked out a UK football.  Unfortunately, most of the ornaments are already gone, so we walked all afternoon before finding something.  They are a bit tacky, but will nevertheless remind us of our trip to London.

In the Tube station we had another great find - Lemon Fanta.  The kids haven't had this since we left Rome and have been searching for it for days.  Also, on the way back home from the Tube station we saw the black Ferrari again, only this time it was parked on the street.

We're all home again for the evening.  Weather is no good for waiting hours outside for the fireworks show.  Elizabeth is painting fingernails, Shelly and Ryan are operating his new robot, Paul is reading, Grace is beating John at UNO again, and Garett is in his office, the kitchen.  I'll be joining him shortly.

We wish all of you a Happy New Year!  We're watching the fireworks online and will be sound asleep by the time your festivities begin.


Elizabeth and her new UK football 
Grace showing off her new book and Lemon Fanta

Liberty's of London - one of the stops on our walk today

Paul finds a Ferrari parked right on the street

Statue of Sherlock Holmes outside the Baker Street Tube station

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