Friday, February 20, 2015

Passo del Tonale, Italy

This week Ryan went on a school ski trip to the Italian Dolomites.  They stayed in Passo del Tonale and had ski lessons all week.  They also did fun activities like ice go-karting, snow sculptures, sledding (or sledging as they would say in the UK) and ski races.  One of Ryan's teachers kept the parents updated via Twitter all week.  We finally spotted a few pictures of Ryan this morning.

Ski lessons - I think Ryan is toward the top of the line (green plaid coat)

A few of Ryan's classmates head up the mountain

Race day - one of Ryan's good friends, Sam

After the ski race - Ryan in front

The boys pose for a group photo - Ryan in front

Sledding on Thursday

Ryan waiting for his turn

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

First Snow in London

Ryan's wish came true yesterday morning when we woke up to our first snow of the year.  He was running around the flat shouting, "Snow, snow, snow!!!".  Disappointingly for Ryan, there was not enough snow to cancel school...however, it disrupted the train lines and the commute into London for many people. Since I travel underground, my commute was fine and by the time I got to work there was hardly a trace of snow left.

The view from our flat early in the morning

Ryan on his way to school - with a big smile

The church cemetery looked peaceful

Dusting of snow creates chaos