Sunday, September 7, 2014

Kingswood Trip and End-of-Summer Party

To kick off the new school year, Ryan and all of his Year 6 classmates spent 5 days at Kingswood, a residential camp near Cromer, Norfolk, UK.  It's located along the north coast.  The highlights of the trip for Ryan the were the zip wire, seal watching (except he got soaked on the boat), river studies, beach studies, an art class on the pier, stopping for ice cream and having lots of bonding time with his friends.  There were 12 boys in Ryan's room.  Although Ryan had a camera, he only managed one photo...of the messy room.  The boys returned on Wednesday evening and then it was straight into school on Thursday morning.

Yesterday we went to an end-of-summer party hosted by Lucy and Louis (pronounced "Louie") at their country house. Louis and Ryan are close friends and Lucy is Louis' mum.  It was an amazing party - with lots of good food, live music and games for the kids.  Even the ice cream man found his way out to their house (in a remote, idyllic place) for a treat at the end of the party.  Despite a sputtering start, the weather turned out to be beautiful.  A lovely day was had by all!

Ryan and his friends waiting for the "coach" to arrive for the Kingswood trip

A double-decker luxury coach with a pull-behind trailer for the luggage (you seriously didn't think this was a camping trip, did you?)

The summer party at Lucy's in full swing - a traditional, English thatched-roof house, but totally eco-friendly

Lucy's raised garden beds - enviable!

Ryan and Louis (in blue) playing games -  plus tent with outdoor dining and live music

Ryan contemplating his options - laser tag, inflatable slide, games or water balloons?

Everyone heard "Pop Goes the Weasel" - the tune played by the ice cream man - and the kids came running

Ryan ordered a Mr. Bubble (something very blue), Shelly had a 99 Flake and Garett had an almond Magnum bar

Ryan cooling off with Louis and Sam

Garett and Ryan by the late-summer hydrangeas

Ryan and Shelly

End of the day in Oxfordshire - if you have good eyes, there is a bench just on the other side of the green area which overlooks the property

Looking back at the house and party from a distance
A great day!

Monday, September 1, 2014

Missing Tooth

Grace lost one of her front teeth.  Unfortunately, the tooth next to it has seemingly moved over and now she looks like she has a snaggle tooth!