Friday, June 24, 2011

A Little Chilly for the Beach!

Well, the weather has taken a turn! Rainy, windy, and highs only in the low sixty's are making our beach-going difficult! Here is a video Tim took that shows the rough waters - very different from what it looked like earlier in the week!
We are inside doing crafts, playing on the computer, and watching movies. Still lots of fun!
Here is another silly photo we took on the stairs!

Trip to Lake Michigan

Well, we are definitely having a great time up here in Saugatuck. The Douglas public beach is right across the street from the Foley's house, so we are able to pop down there whenever we want. Monday was a beautiful sunny day and we headed down there for a few hours. The waves were calm and it was a perfect day for playing in the sand. We should have had the kids put their suits on, but instead we told them not to get too wet. Then we gave up on that idea! It was fantastic!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Хүслэн хүүгийн сониноос -Khuslen's latest news

Khuslen is 14 months old. He started pulling himself up and walking while he is holding on something. He had his 1st Easter egg hunting and he found them quite quickly than we were expected. Since Easter, he loves playing with his Easter eggs.
Khuslen took his mom to the IDS building (tallest one in downtown Minneapolis) for Mother's Day Brunch and it was a really big surprise for me. He tried to scoot himself first time on the grass on May 6th and he likes to play with rocks and grass and at the same time, he tries to eat them too.. He loves being outside all the time like his mom. Since his hair is growing long, we had his 1st haircut on May 16th and he was not very fussy and instead, he fascinated seeing other people's hair cut.
Хүслэн хүү 1 нас 2 сар хүрлээ. Сүүлийн үеийн сониноос гэвэл, тэрээр өндийж босож зогсон, юм түшин явдаг болж байна. Тэрээр анх удаа Улаан өндөгний баяраар нуусан тоглоомон өндөгийг маш хурдан олж авлаа. Хүслэн хүү эхчүүдийн баяраар Минниайплис хотын хамгийн өндөр барилгын дээд давхарт байрладаг ресторанд ээжийгээ авч очин хооллон баярлууллаа. Тэрээр анх удаа 5 сарын 6нд зүлгэн дээр мөлхөж үзлээ. Тэгээд юм л бол өвс, чулуу түүж идэх гээд байдаг боллоо. Төрсөнөөсөө хойш Хүслэн хүү анх удаа 5 сарын 16нд үсээ авхууллаа.