Saturday, August 24, 2013

Visiting a new park

                                      Visiting a new park
                                                 At the park
                                               Oyunaa, Temuulen and Khuslen

                                             Oyunaa and Temuulen

                                  Jargalmaa is playing at the new park

                                          A monument for the Police Department

                                        Walking around the new park
                                   A night view of the government building
                                       Egi and me

                                     A night view around the government building
                                       A night view around the government building
                                       A night view around the government building
                                    Khuslen with grandpa T
                                              At the airport

Khuslen's celebrating his cousin Bombor's birthday at the children's park

                                     Kids are at the amusement park to celebrate Bombor's birthday


                                      From left: Nomuunaa, Bombor and Jargalmaa

                                           Jargal (Bombor's mom) and Oyunaa
                                          Lkhagvaa (Bombor's dad)
                                         View from the ride
                                       Nomuunaa and Jargalmaa (Temuulen's older sister)
                                       Temuulen and his mom Oyunaa

                                       5 little monkeys are jumping on a bed
                                                 Birthday boy: Bomobr

Surprise 40th birthday party for Brian

My sister Oyunaa and I organized the surprise 40th birthday party for Brian. We were worried a little bit because we thought that Brian got some hint already before the party. Brian did not have any clue about the party so it worked well to be a surprise party.
 Giving a surprise blowout for Brian
 My 9 brothers and sisters with my parents
 Whole family with brother and sister in laws, nieces and nephews
 Birthday boy

 40th birthday cake
 Brian with his birthday cake
 Birthday gift from my family to Brian
 Gifts from other family members

 Visiting the Buddha statue after the birthday party
Whole family again
 Other friends who joined the birthday party
 Wearing a shirt as his birthday gift
 Some of the birthday gifts: Locally brewed beer
My whole family has not been all together at least 10 years. Therefore, we thought it would be a good reason to gather them all at once. We managed to gather all of them except two because one of my nephew is in Virginia and other nephew went on a company anniversary event outside of the capital city.