Friday, November 19, 2010

Unexpected event - Санаанд оромгүй явдал

Last Saturday, we had about 6 inch heavy snow and it caused a little damage to our house. The tree in the sidewalk split up and fell between our house and our neighbor in the north side. As a result, two windows and storm screen were broken and some roof damage to our neighbor' s house. We are not sure whether it had made some damage to our roof.
Өнгөрсөн хагас сайн өдөр нэгэн санамсаргүй явдал боллоо. Анхны цас орж, манай байшингийн өмнө байсан мод хугарч, манай гэрийн дээврийн орой дээр ойчлоо. Азаар нэг их хохирол амссангүй. Хойд талын 2 цонх л хагарсанаас өөр ноцтой хохирол амссангүй. Харин манай хөршийн дээврийн нэг булан нь нэлээн гэмтсэн. Улаан өнгийн дээвэртэй байшин нь манай байшин байгаа юм.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Fall in London

Last weekend was Halloween - definitely more of a low key affair in London. Ryan dressed up as Harry Potter and he went trick-or-treating with his friend, Penelope, on the fire escapes of the flats in her estate. We carved a jack-o'-lantern to let the kids know we were giving out candy. There were 4-5 groups of kids...not bad, but not the 1,000 we get in Denver.

Yesterday we went to see the 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' at the Little Angel Theatre ( Friday was Guy Fawkes day, so we have been listening to the booms, bangs, and shrieks of fireworks all weekend.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oh When the Saints...

Here is a photo from the All Saints Mass at Holy Cross on Monday. You might recognize St. Cecelia in the second row from the top on the right side. She is the patron saint of music and is carrying a lyre, which unfortunately, you cannot see. Sorry!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010