Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Khuslen's 1st birthday party - Хүслэнгийн 1 насны төрсөн өдрийн баяр

Khuslen's 1st birthday party - Хүслэнгийн 1 насны төрсөн өдрийн баяр

Хүслэн хүү 1 нас хүрлээ. Тэрээр аав ээжийнхээ найзууд болон эмээтэйгээ төрсөн өдрийн баяраа тэмдэглэж,бөмбөг, нисдэг онгоц, ярьдаг тоглоом, ном, хувцас зэрэг зөндөө олон бэлэг хүлээн авлаа. Хүслэнд таалагдсан хамгийн дуртай бэлэг нь явдаг өт хорхой болон бөмбөг байлаа.
Khuslen's just turned 1 years old. He celebrated his 1st birthday party with his parent's friends and grandmasota. He has received lots of clothes, toys, and books as his birthday presents. He had so much fun with the kids at his party and enjoyed being with so many guests at the party.

"Happy Birthday" song - Төрсөн өдрийн дуу

Saturday, March 19, 2011

What does K-R-A-P spell?

Conversation in the van while driving the downtown streets of Milwaukee:

"Mommy, what does K-R-A-P spell?"
"Ummm, where do you see that, Grace?"
"Right there!" she says, pointing to a sign.
"Oh, that! You always read words from top to bottom. That spells PARK!"


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New friend - Gus

Dancing on the sound of the food processor

Khuslen is 11 months old

Khuslen's just turned 11 months old. He loves to walk in the park even though it is cold outside. Khuslen loves to be around the people so he is made his first friend, Ruby and she is one of our neighbor's kid. Ruby is 2 months younger than him. He loves to dance on the sound of the food processor, coffee grinder,water faucet and of course, music too. Khuslen went to Milwaukee with his parents first time on February 25-27th. Amazingly, he loves to play Sean's dog, Guss. Khuslen has 2 teeth at the moment; however, 4 more teeth are coming out at the same time recently.
Khuslen loves his solid and finger foods: strawberry, cheese, banana, pasta or noodle soup,sweet potatoes, and oyster crackers.