Tuesday, July 28, 2015

 Food market in Muren, Khuvsgul with his cousin Jargalmaa
 Clothes market in Muren, Khuvsgul with Bombor and Jargalmaa
 Just came to the Khuvsgul lake which has 1% of the world pure water
 Getting ready for the boat ride on the lake

 Boat ride on Khuvsgul lake with Baska, Bombor and Jargalmaa
 Other people took this boat ride
 Enjoying the boat ride
 Jargalmaa and Bombor
 fun part of the boat ride

 Walk on one island of the lake
 Walk with Baska, Bombor and Jargalmaa
 On top of the island

 You can see how clear the water is 

 1st night camping at the lakeshore

 having fun with his cousins 

 first night meal, Mongolian BBQ
 Raindeer visit
 Sukhbaatar boat

 Camping near Ider river in Shine Ider, Khuvsgul

 at Terkiin Tsagaan lake in Arkhangai
 Volcanic crater in Arkhangai
 Walking up to the crater
 at the volcanic crater
 Volcanic crater
 having fun with his cousin Bombor

 at Taikhar rock, Arkhangai

Patriotic Trip to Washington DC

This is a long overdue post about our recent trip to DC.  Warning - lots of pictures!

Sculpture Garden - National Gallery of Art

Sculpture Garden - National Gallery of Art (Typewriter Eraser)

Natural History Museum

Capitol Building under wraps

Library of Congress - Very cool!

Library of Congress


Supreme Court

Boarding the tram to the Senate Building

US Senator Joe Donnelly of Indiana & special guests

National Gallery of Art - East Wing (Contemporary)

National Gallery of Art (note: the woman in the white dress pointing at Ryan is a painting on mirror)

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

National Museum of the American Indian

Hirshhorn Museum (blue light installation)

Hirshhorn Museum (Grace's shoes)

Bottom of the Lincoln Memorial looking towards the Washington Monument

John and Terri - great backdrop

Lincoln Memorial

Ryan & Abe

"I have a dream" - Top steps of the Lincoln Memorial where MLK Jr gave his famous speech

Vietnam Veterans Memorial

Goofing around at a restaurant in Alexandria

After-dinner entertainment

By the water in Alexandria

Old Town Alexandria

JFK's famous speech at the site of Kennedy's memorial

Arlington Cemetery

"Unfinished" Washington - image used for the dollar bill

National Portrait Gallery - Clinton and George HW Bush

Stopping for Fro-yo near the White House

Garett and John taking in the view (with only a handful of protestors)