Saturday, July 27, 2013

Baseball Game

We went to the Silverhawks game tonight.  Ryan learned a little about baseball and watched at least the first 2 innings.  The new owners of the Silverhawks have really added a lot of activities to the park, so the kids walked around and checked everything out.  They decided they really wanted to go to the bounce house area.  Just $5 for a wristband.  Fortunately or unfortunately, they spent the rest of the game bouncing and going down bouncy slides.  John and I enjoyed the game and the Silverhawks won 4-3.  I'll try to post some pictures tomorrow.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Cousins in Indiana

These photos are totally out of order.  I have no energy to try to get them in order, so I'll just caption each one.

We picked blueberries on Thursday afternoon.  Great picking and great pickers!

This is me freeing the live chipmunk from the cherry tree bird net.  Unfortunately, there was another chipmunk who was not so lucky.

Grace at swim team party.  This might be in the other batch of photos too.  Sorry!

Grace at a swim meet.  Notice Paul in background.

Grace mowing the lawn.

Look at all the berries Grace picked!  Luckily they didn't weigh the kids on the way in and way out!

Paul picking.  Notice Ipod.

Ryan mowing the lawn.  He looks so serious!

This is Paul with his little remote control car.  He had this out while the kids were riding bikes on the sidewalk.  Truly a miracle that the little car wasn't smashed or there wasn't a bike crash!  (We've had a few bike crashes, but none related to the little car.)

More picking - Ryan and Paul.

Ryan playing mini-golf.  Grace is judging his technique.

Ryan is probably returning the favor.

Biking to Kids' Kingdom.

Kids riding bikes.

More lawn mowing.

Ryan is a great berry picker.

After the lemonade spill, Ryan scrubbed the floor with a toothbrush.

Ryan's 'epic' bike

Elizabeth gets dumped on at the spray park.

Elizabeth at the pool.

Grace coming off the slide.

Grace splashing out of slide.

Ryan splashing out of slide.  Grace is watching him at left of picture.  She had just come off the diving board.

Silly kids in the water.

Hmmm...haven't we already seen this photo?

Grace swimming backstroke.

Grace "relaxing" on the edge of the pool.  Terri's feet.

Kids at Splash Pad at Potawatomi.  Ryan kept standing on that metal thing when the water was off.  I really wanted of video of Ryan when the water suddenly came back on.  I never got it though.

Here is Ryan standing on the water spout before it sprayed.

Biking to the playground.  Don't ask how I was doing this while riding a bike.  Very carefully!  Just for the record, none of our crashes were caused by my videography.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Ryan with the Indiana Mellors

We managed to get four kids to 8:30 am Mass. Ryan did a great job following along.  Said he hadn't been to Mass in London since Christmas three years ago.  Hmmm...

This is the campfire in the backyard on Saturday night.

Loving our s'mores!

This is at Potato Creek State Park on Saturday afternoon.  We had a lot of fun after our failed bike ride.

Grace won the "Shark Food" Award at the Swim Team party on Friday night.

Three of the four kids in the tent.  Ironically, these are not the three kids who actually slept the night in it!

There is a method to perfectly roast a marshmallow.

Another photo from Potato Creek.  This is the actual dammed up creek. We were down by the creek trying to get a glimpse of the Osprey babies flying.

At the Potato Creek Nature Center we enjoyed a presentation on spiders.  Ryan and Grace were demonstrating how insects get caught in a spiderweb.

This is Ryan demonstrating how a spider builds a web.

Ryan got to hold a corn snake.  He wants everyone to know that a corn snake is a constrictor.  Please notice how it is winding around his right arm.

Roasting a marshmallow.

Sleeping quarters in the backyard.

Chilling out in the park after our sweaty bike ride.