Friday, November 28, 2014

London House Hunting...Part Deux

The London housing market is slightly cooling off, relatively speaking.  In response, Garett and I have stepped up our home search efforts.  Some houses are staying on the market a bit longer than at the height of the market. While others...such as the complete wreck of a Victorian we have our eye on...are going like hot cakes.  Below are pictures from our second viewing today.  We brought our architect and builder along to give us some confidence we could pull off a major remodel if our offer is accepted. Yes, it's a BIG "if".  A lender has to be willing to give us a mortgage on something in this state and we need the fortitude to tackle such a big project.  There have been 25-30 viewings in less than a week and next week it goes to a sealed bid process where everyone submits their best and final offer.

John, any ideas?  We see a lot of potential...

And now for the home tour:

Garett checking out the neighbors - "for sale" sign in the distance

A few vines growing around the windows and missing ironwork

View of the house from across the street

Another view of the street - notice where the cars park (on the sidewalk)!

A structural crack above the front bay window (one of many)...but the builder didn't seem to mind

I love the original crown molding and marble fireplace in the reception room (living room)

A kitchen addition at the back of the house

The "back garden"

Stairs up to the first floor (second floor in the US)

First floor bedroom

Second floor bedroom

Second floor bedroom looking back toward the hallway and stairs

Every bedroom has a fireplace

A tiny bit of water damage in the ceiling above the landing

Another bedroom view

The landing isn't in great shape

Going upstairs from the first floor to the second floor

Details in the front entry

Front entry and staircase

The doorbell - seriously! And it works...

So now that you've seen the tour, do you think we're crazy for making an offer on this place?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

It was a very focused snowstorm

I need to update the snow report from Thursday.  By midnight, we received a record 12.3 inches!  I'm including (hopefully) a graphic provided by the National Weather Service to show you how localized the snowfall was. See that gray circle in the middle?  That's downtown South Bend!  Absolutely crazy!  Here's the article.

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Just a Little Snowfall

Apparently we got a record snow today.  All I know is that I shoveled about 5-6 inches of snow early this afternoon.  There's more out there and we are expecting a few more tonight.  And so it begins...

South Bend Snowfall

Monday, November 10, 2014

Toothless Grace

Well, she finally lost the last front tooth today.  She's had a snaggle tooth for about a week, with one of the middle ones still hanging on.  She looks a bit more normal now!

Bonfire Night Fireworks

Every November 5th in the UK is Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes, in celebration of the failed plot to blow up the Houses of Parliament in 1605.  The original history often gets lost in today's bonfires and fireworks.  Ryan's school hosts an annual fireworks show and BBQ the Sunday after Guy Fawkes.  It caps a 3-week run-up of nightly fireworks in London, starting before Halloween.

Ryan and a friend with family war medals - honoring the anniversary of WWI

The UCS games fields - BBQ and fireworks on 9th Nov

Ryan buying candy floss, aka cotton candy

Fireworks on a mild London evening

Garett and Ryan watching the fireworks

Ryan with sparkler (before Ryan managed to burn himself)

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Apple shooting

Farm visit at Apple Jack Orchard

We went to the Apple Jack Orchard for a family fun event. Khuslen enjoyed  a wagon ride a lot and he loved playing in a corn field. I enjoyed the apple shooting a lot and it was my first time so I had lots of fun shooting apples to hit the target.

 Wagon ride

 Watching the apple shooting

 Khuslen took this picture

Our visit to South Bend

We visited Indiana family on Oct 16-19. On the way to South Bend, we stopped by Milwaukee and spent some time with Sean's family. Khuslen had lots of fun with Liam and Simon even though it was only a couple of hours. Then we headed to South Bend and got there quite late at night since many constructions were going on many different places. I had my first practice driving on the interstate.
Khuslen had lots of fun with his cousins and he kept asking when we are going back to South Bend again after we came back home.
Nowadays Khuslen is going to preschool twice a week and he loves going to school. If he can, he would love to go to school every day.

 Lunch break at Tomah, WI

 With Liam
 Simon and Beth

 Dinner at a local restaurant

 Brian's birthday gift - Panaromic view of Milwaukee
 At Grace's soccer game