Sunday, May 18, 2014

Soccer Update 2

Elizabeth's team won the game 2-0!  It was an exciting game, but they won!  There was even a near goal scored by the other team the Elizabeth scooped off the goal line.  Fortunately the side ref was in position and waved off the goal because the entire ball did not cross the goal line!  Wow!

This means that Elizabeth's team advances to the next round of the Presidents' Cup.  It will be at a complex north of Indy in two weeks.  John will be in charge of this tournament.


Mellor Update

Elizabeth and I are in Columbus, IN (just south of Indy) this weekend for the Presidents' Cup soccer tournament.  This is a tournament that is invitation only and has three tiers.  Elizabeth's team is in the middle tier.

She played two games on Saturday, winning the first (4-0) and tying the second (1-1).  We play at noon today against a team we tied a few weeks ago.  We think we can beat them today.  There is a whole point system that determines who will advance, and I won't even try to explain it . However, we need to win by two today.

Elizabeth is playing well.  Lots of powerful kicks and excellent defense.  She took a few wild rolling tumbles yesterday, but nothing a hot shower, good sleep, and some ibuprofen couldn't take care of.  Her big toe is mysteriously black and blue this morning, but interestingly, doesn't hurt.

In other news, Grace scored a goal in her game in South Bend yesterday.  Hooray!  She was also a gracious hostess in handing out the after-game snacks.  Paul is finishing up his school baseball season and has been playing second base a bit.  His Juniors league is starting practice today. His Baccalaureate Mass is tomorrow and John and I are attending.  John is currently dressed in full garb and is attending the ND graduation as faculty today.  (grin!)  I finished my grades in the car during E's pregame warm-ups yesterday and just need to put them into the computer!  I've also determined that the 16 day forecast looks promising enough that I can start planting!  Wow!

How is everyone else?