Sunday, May 18, 2014

Mellor Update

Elizabeth and I are in Columbus, IN (just south of Indy) this weekend for the Presidents' Cup soccer tournament.  This is a tournament that is invitation only and has three tiers.  Elizabeth's team is in the middle tier.

She played two games on Saturday, winning the first (4-0) and tying the second (1-1).  We play at noon today against a team we tied a few weeks ago.  We think we can beat them today.  There is a whole point system that determines who will advance, and I won't even try to explain it . However, we need to win by two today.

Elizabeth is playing well.  Lots of powerful kicks and excellent defense.  She took a few wild rolling tumbles yesterday, but nothing a hot shower, good sleep, and some ibuprofen couldn't take care of.  Her big toe is mysteriously black and blue this morning, but interestingly, doesn't hurt.

In other news, Grace scored a goal in her game in South Bend yesterday.  Hooray!  She was also a gracious hostess in handing out the after-game snacks.  Paul is finishing up his school baseball season and has been playing second base a bit.  His Juniors league is starting practice today. His Baccalaureate Mass is tomorrow and John and I are attending.  John is currently dressed in full garb and is attending the ND graduation as faculty today.  (grin!)  I finished my grades in the car during E's pregame warm-ups yesterday and just need to put them into the computer!  I've also determined that the 16 day forecast looks promising enough that I can start planting!  Wow!

How is everyone else?

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