Saturday, December 28, 2013

A Walk in the Mud

Today we took advantage of a sunny day in London and went for a long walk.  First we walked up to Spaniard's Inn for lunch.  Spaniard's Inn is one of the oldest pubs in London and was built in 1585. It was written about by Charles Dickens in The Pickwick Papers and also in Bram Stoker's Dracula.  The poets Byron and Keats were also said to be patrons of the pub. Apparently everyone else had the same idea today, so we were relegated to the garden to eat our lunch.  Luckily there were patio heaters!

After lunch we continued our walk on the Hampstead Heath.  John and Shelly went to Kenwood House to check out the recently completed renovation and the fabulous art collection.  Meanwhile, the kids climbed a tree while Garett and Terri debated the pros and cons of dog ownership.  From there we walked back across the Heath to our flat.  Given all of the recent rain, the Heath was one giant mud pie.  The kids enjoyed it, but they had to change shoes and jeans once they got back.

We also made a brief stop in junk alley.  Shelly found two small silver spoons - a sugar shovel and a salt spoon.  Bargain - both for 50p!

Garett took this picture of everyone in front of Spaniard's Inn pub on the edge of Hampstead Heath

The Indiana Mellors tried their first Scotch eggs (it's the heat lamp making everything look red)

Eating lunch in the garden at Spaniard's Inn pub - Paul, Grace, Elizabeth and Ryan

Shelly & John (to the left) in front of Kenwood House - Hampstead Heath

The kids walking up the hill towards Kenwood House - blue skies!

Grace, Ryan, Elizabeth and Paul on Hampstead Heath

Grace, Paul, Ryan and Elizabeth climb on a fallen tree in Hampstead Heath - out of the mud

Paul sitting outside of Paul Bakery in Hampstead

Elizabeth waiting in queue for the phone

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