Thursday, December 26, 2013

Boxing Day

The day after Christmas is Boxing Day in the UK.  We thought we would check out the British Museum today, but found out it was closed because of the national holiday.  So we took a quick walking tour past some of the other major London sites: Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square.  Then we came back to the flat for turkey sandwiches and Garett's homemade goodies - fudge, truffles, sugar cookies and the last of the mince pies.  The kids were banned from using all Apple products - so it's been an electronics-free afternoon. The good old days...

Indiana Mellors (Paul, Terri, John, Elizabeth, Grace) and Ryan in front of Big Ben ("Giganto clock" according to Grace)

Paul, Elizabeth and Ryan in front of the Houses of Parliament - London

Seeing a black cab - one of the things to check off the bucket list

Grace showing us how big Westminster Abbey is

 Grace is ready to post a letter in the red pillar box

Trafalgar Square - standing at the base of Lord Nelson

Posing with one of the four lions in Trafalgar Square (Elizabeth, Paul, Grace, Ryan)

And the requisite silly pose...

Giant blue cockerel on the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square

(Terri here.) I had to add the photo of the guys.
Notice the giant blue cockerel is roosting on Paul's head.

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