Monday, December 30, 2013

Stepping Up

Grace, Elizabeth and Terri started the day by taking a tour of the Girl Scout World Center Pax Lodge.  Grace was chatty, Terri was dreaming of taking a troop there, and Elizabeth was polite.  Since it was raining and quite windy, Garett was kind enough to take us and pick us up in the Mini.

After a quick lunch we headed to the tube station.  A quick trip over to Baker Street on the Metropolitan line and then we jumped off the train to check out the Baker Street station, one of the oldest underground stations.  Ryan was irritated that we jumped off the train, but he loved the opportunity to "recalculate the route".  We took the Circle and then the Central to St. Paul's.

Elizabeth took Shelly to "Top Shop" to spend her gift card.  None of the rest of us were "hip" enough to browse there.  It was good Godmother/Goddaughter bonding time.  They met the rest of us at St. Paul's where Shelly dropped off Elizabeth and then headed to her office.  We toured St. Paul's and climbed to the top of the dome.  It was a tight fit which you can see from the photos.

We headed over to Shelly's office to meet up with her.  We did manage to find her finally, despite the fact that there was no receptionist to call from the front lobby and we didn't know her cell phone number.  She has a terrific view of the city.  We walked from there over the Millennium Bridge to the Tate Modern.  We found a Picasso, a Kandinsky, a Pollack, and several others.  The children were not inspired, so we headed out.

We decided to take the Thames Link, a different commuter train, back to Hampstead.  This involved a bit of running up the stairs and down the platform.  Quite a sight since Grace's pants were apparently falling down!

Our adventure ended with a stop at Tiger, a dollar store kind of shop, selling the knick-knacky stuff you can get at IKEA.  Grace had her heart set on a rubber band ball.  On the way home Paul finally saw a Ferrari - a black one that was parked in a garage.

Pizza for dinner tonight.  Kids are in bed now and the adults are heading that way.

Happy Birthday Mom!

Love, Terri

World map of visitors to Pax Lodge

Grace at Pax Lodge

Pax Lodge and World Bureau - notice how rainy it is

A shot inside Baker Street Station

A double-decker bus from the top of the dome

A helpful sign - more true than I expected

A tight squeeze up to the dome

Heading down from the dome

The Shard from up in the dome

Looking down at the dome and front of the church

St. Paul's

St. Paul's from the Millennium Bridge

Paul finally sees a Ferrari

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