Friday, December 27, 2013

Let's Try Day Three Again

Today was "Let's Try Day Three Again" so we took the Tube to head for the British Museum.  This time it was open.  We spent several hours admiring the Egyptian and Greek treasures that were "rescued" or "liberated" by the British.  After our visit we walked to Regent Street to Hamleys, the famous toy store.  Five stories of chaos to purchase.  Grace had a gift card to burn and found a few things. Hamleys was quite crowded, but we managed to get a photo of the royal family.

In Front of the British Museum
A Caryatid from the Acropolis

A column from the Acropolis

Paul eyeing an Egyptian bird

Metope from the Parthenon.

Tomb in style of the Greeks.  John was appalled at the obvious mistakes in proportion and intercolumniation.  Clearly not Greek.  Seriously...

The Royal Family made out of LEGO bricks in the famous London toy store, Hamleys. Notice Harry off to the right.

We finished off the day by catching the #13 double decker bus to ride back to Hampstead.  

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