Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Everyone is Okay

Had a pretty bad storm come through last night and we all headed to the basement about 12:30am.  At about 1am when the worst of it had passed, we discovered that our River Birch had split and part of it was on the roof over Paul's room.  Needless to say, we stayed the rest of the night in the basement until the tree slid down the front of the house about 6:15am.

Damage around the city is very spotty.  Some places look like nothing happened and other places look like our street, which was hit very hard.  Lots of trees uprooted and tons of branches everywhere.  The cupola came off the top of Jefferson School too.  Power has been out since last night and we currently have no estimates on when it will return.  We are at Mom and Dad's now, eating lunch, taking showers, and charging the electronics.

Our plan is still to head to Minnesota tomorrow.  Hopefully we can all get to bed early tonight as we really didn't sleep much last night at all.  Thankfully, everyone is okay!






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