Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Olympics Withdrawal

You know how it feels after Christmas when you take down the Christmas decorations and everything seems plain again?  That's how it feels this week.  The Olympics were a huge endorphin rush for all of London.  Everyone is praising the 70,000 volunteers (known as the "Games Makers") and the military who were called in to beef up security.  The volunteers may end up getting medals of some sort (or knighthood?).  I have to say they were the unexpected secret weapon of the Olympics.  The volunteers wore purple and orange uniforms and were the friendliest people I've encountered in the UK.  Almost like they transplanted a few Americans over here.

The Olympic Rings on Tower Bridge are coming down next Tuesday to make way for the emblem of the Paralympic Games.  Life is slowly getting back to normal without the 24/7 media attention.  Ryan and I finally watched the Closing Ceremony last night.  And everyone here is basking in the glow of a very memorable and successful two weeks.

Olympic Rings seen from behind (photo taken in the Olympic Park)

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