Saturday, August 4, 2012

British Rowing Weather

1. It was cloudy
2. It was windy
3. It drizzled
4. It rained
5. It poured
6. It was sunny
7. It was sunnier
8. It was cloudy
9. It drizzled
10. It rained

= perfect British rowing weather!

Ryan and I went to our first Olympic event today - the men's and women's rowing finals.  After taking the Tube to Paddington Station, a train to Slough, an Olympic bus to Eton Dorney and then walking (for what seemed like forever), we finally made it to the venue.  Our tickets were for "Standing" so we were part of the crowd along the shore.

The weather was finicky.  Sun, rain and wind.  A particularly black cloud appeared over Dorney Lake and the skies opened up.  Ryan and I got thoroughly soaked (umbrellas were no protection) for about 20-30 minutes.  We cheered for the Americans 3 times and Team USA won bronze in the men's four. But the crowd was hugely partisan and there was a tremendous roar for all of the Team GB rowing teams.  They took two golds and a silver in the medal events.

The entire event was extremely well organized and all of the staff and volunteers were fun and friendly.  It felt like Disney World at the Olympics.  Ryan was particularly happy that he appeared on the BBC during one of the segments between races.

London 2012 Olympic Games!
Rowing Finals

Ryan, Shelly & Wenlock

A storm approaches the racecourse

Go Team USA!

Our view of the racecourse

Ryan & Wenlock

Team GB fans

More Team GB fans

Ryan's 5 minutes of fame on the BBC

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