Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Big Crowds at Wembley Stadium

Yesterday evening Garett, Ryan and I watched Mexico beat Japan in the men's football semi-finals.  It was the first time we experienced delays with transportation on the way to an Olympic event.  The match was held at Wembley Stadium, which is only one Tube stop north of where we live.  But it took three attempts to get on a crowded train.  We could have body surfed Ryan into the train...

The crowd at Wembley was friendly and polite, with lots of families in attendance.  There wasn't the usual rowdy chanting and singing you see at English football matches.  Security was overkill.  In fact, throughout the Olympics security has been tight.  We've been through metal detectors, pat downs and had our bags searched (to be expected).

Our seats were in Row 3 near one of the goals.  This was completely random since I wasn't able to choose our seats when I bought the tickets in the lottery last year.  In the second half of the match we saw quite a bit of action near our end, but Ryan would have preferred something a little higher up with a better view of the pitch.

It rained in the latter half of the match, which didn't affect us at all.  The nice thing about London stadiums is that they are partially when it rains the audience stays dry and only the football players get wet!

The queue for the Tube on the way home was UNBELIEVABLE.  See the picture at the bottom of this post.

Mexico vs Japan (Mexico won 3-1)

Shelly and Ryan outside Wembley Stadium

View from our seats (Team Japan player)

See the security (in orange)? They ringed the entire stadium

Garett and Ryan inside Wembley

 Queue for the Tube (seriously, I am NOT kidding)

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