Thursday, August 2, 2012

God Save the Queen('s Corgis)

Team GB is in good spirits after rocketing up the leader board in the medals count.  However, 5 golds versus Team USA with 18 just isn't a fair comparison.

Life in London during the Games is amazingly quiet.  There were actually seats available on the Tube tonight when I came home.  Never happens!  When Ryan and I were forced to brave Oxford Street (the busiest shopping street in all of London) on Saturday to go to the dentist, we couldn't believe how empty it was.  Restaurants, shops and taxi drivers are complaining that the officials have scared everyone away with their predictions of horrendous congestion everywhere.  Y2K all over again.

After the Queen's corgis showed their royal personalities in the Opening Ceremony, I thought I would share this picture from one of the store windows at Selfridges.  We'll post more pictures after Ryan and I see the rowing competition on Saturday at Eton Dorney.

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