Sunday, February 28, 2016

Snail's Progress at the House

This week we didn't see as much progress with the house.  The rooms are being painted and the staircase is getting primed.  The builders installed lighting, plaster coving and the ceiling rose in the reception room / living room.  There was some work accomplished in the garden, but not everything was built according to the drawings (grr).  Things have generally slowed down while the builders wait for the kitchen windows to be delivered - this delay has put us behind schedule.

 The new ceiling rose (waiting for a yet-to-be-selected light fixture)

 Garett is measuring the layout for the bookshelves (notice the new plaster coving near the ceiling)

 There is now a low wall around the back terrace...unfortunately it's the wrong color and not built 100% per the drawings

The planter wall will act as a backrest for the built-in benches

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