Sunday, February 14, 2016

Bathtub Delivery

Ever since we decided to keep the stairs, Goni and his team have been working quickly to repair, rebuild and prime them.  However, the main news of the week was the bathtub delivery - see the video below.  Our Albanian builders partnered with a Spanish crane operator to get it in through the master bedroom window.  I'm glad neither of us was onsite when it happened.  There would have been a few too many nail-biting moments for me, but it went in smoothly after all.

Now we're contemplating paint colors and the design for the (tiny) front and back gardens.  Two of the fireplaces will get delivered this week.  We decided to keep things simple and opted for wooden fireplace surrounds and Victorian arched gas inserts.  On the ground floor we're planning to replace the original fireplace surround with something similar (antique marble).  There are two options we like - either the white Carrara marble or the grey marble with black veining.

Bathtub delivery (video)

 White Carrara marble

 Grey (I know, British spelling) marble with black veining

 Love the veining!

The master bedroom wardrobes/closets are in - they look great! 

The stairs to the kitchen were finally built this week (no more walking the plank)

Look at the new spindles!

 Choosing colors with Charlotte

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