Monday, February 6, 2012

Khuslen's travel to London -

We had a really wonderful time in London. We've seen the Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Pollock's Toy Museum, Museum of Childhood, National Gallery, British Museum, Transport Museum, Tower of London, Tower Bridge Exhibition, River Cruise, London Eye, Big Ben, Sea Aquarium, Salisbury's Cathedral and Stonehenge. Khuslen loved the Science Museum, Museum of Childhood, Tower Bridge Exhibition, London Eye, Hamley toy store, and Sea Aquarium a lot. One of his most favorite thing to do in London is to take a tube ride. Everytime we take the tube, he will say hi, choo choo or bye bye choo and he made people smile on the tube just saying hi or bye choo choo. We discovered that Khuslen loves ice, ketchup and tuna sandwich during our trip in London. Ryan introduced Khuslen the hex bug, so now Khuslen has 2 hex bugs which he loves to play with them all the time. Khuslen loved walking in the park near the Tower Bridge and he loved chasing the pigeons in the park. Khuslen also loved taking the stairs up and down while we were in the museums. He also loved walking inside the London Eye cabin. We also took a train to the Salisbury. Then we took a bus to see the Stonehenge. It was so windy when we saw the Stonehenge, but somehow Khuslen did not mind the cold weather. He also really loved the train ride to Salisbury. We visited the Salisbury Cathedral and it was so amazing to see it. The weather was very nice amazingly and we had a few sunny days. Only one day we had the rain so we were so lucky with a nice weather.
Brian enjoyed his classes and sightseeing too. We all enjoyed our trip in London.

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