Saturday, November 14, 2015

Another Blustery, Wet Day...

Garett and I spent three hours at the house this morning with Charlotte and Goni.  There was a lot of progress over the past week and we had several things to review for the next phase.  It's exciting to see the house starting to come together.  I especially like how the back of the house will be modern in contrast with the front of the house.

Below is the back elevation of the house.  You can see where there will be 3 floor-to-ceiling windows (9 feet tall). The right and center windows slide open into the left window .  There is a fourth window that wraps around the corner from these on the right side (out of view). The drawing also shows the glass doors that open out.

A happy builder (Goni) and a happy client

The floor-to-ceiling glass windows will wrap around the corner and there will be tall glass doors where Goni is standing

Charlotte is standing where the windows will slide open

The builders have framed the skylight in the kitchen - the dining table will be placed along this wall

 View from the top - we wanted a flat, modern glass skylight. A plastic sheet is keeping out the rain for now.

The builders filled in two oddly-placed windows in Ryan's room.  He will get plenty of light from a large window and two skylights.  Eventually the exterior wall will be painted dark gray.

View from the TV room into the hallway  - we're still working on a solution for the stairs

This picture was taken a couple of weeks ago - Garett is measuring the stair treads

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