Saturday, January 30, 2016

House Update

We have a target completion date for the house: March 20 (plus 10 days for "snagging" as they say here).  After a slow month leading up to Christmas, the level of activity has picked up.  All of the rooms are framed in and have drywall.  The tiles, cupboards, appliances, wardrobes (closets) and hardwood floors have been delivered.  Now it's down to the details - paint, lights, ironmongery (doorknobs & hinges) and a new front door.

Yesterday, Garett spent 9 hours moving the kitchen and wardrobes from the storage unit to the house.  Today he and I met with Goni to go through each room.  THE STAIRS are still an outstanding issue, even this late in the game.  Garett really wants to retain the originals.  Goni and I are ready to start over, but it will mean a delay to the floor installation (and additional expense). It's a decision we need to make asap.

The master bath was originally a bedroom with a fireplace. The tiles are starting to go down and you can see where the freestanding bathtub will be centered on the wall.  They tried to deliver it last week, but it's too big for the staircase.  We will need to hire a crane and bring the bathtub through one of the master bedroom windows.  There is a slight concern about the size of the bathtub vs the doorways because we only have 1 cm of clearance.

 Ryan's bathroom (and guest bathroom) has the same cement-look tile on the walls and floor.  The grout isn't in yet, but you get the idea.  There will be a sliding glass shower door across the back, a sink and mirrored cabinet in the middle and a toilet on the left. This bathroom didn't exist in the original house.  Charlotte created the new room by stealing space from the bedrooms on either side. 

 This is the TV room, but it could be used as a fourth bedroom.  We are replacing the original fireplace (unsalvageable) with something modern.  The wooden drawers you see are part of the built-in wardrobes that will go in the master bedroom.

 Ryan's bedroom is currently the staging point for tiles and other items.  Soon Goni will build the mezzanine over the doorway for Ryan's loft bed.  See the drawing below.

Ryan's bedroom

On the ground floor is the kitchen. Goni and Garett discussed how the utility room will be built.  We decided to place our washer and dryer down here even though it means carrying laundry up several flights of stairs.  The new glass for the skylights is scheduled to arrive in a few days.  You may also spy a piece of the granite leaning against the wall.

 Although the kitchen is technically on site, it's in pieces at the moment.  Some of the units were damaged during the latest move.  Hopefully we can repair them so it's not noticeable.

Nobody likes talking about THE STAIRS.  This decision is to be continued...

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