Sunday, August 2, 2015

House Update - Some Excitement This Week

Garett and I try to visit the house at least once every week to check on progress.  Today when we stopped by our neighbors asked if we'd heard about the fire on Tuesday., we hadn't heard about the fire.  After Googling the story, it appears a car broke down and parked near our house.  An electrical fire started in car #1 and the wind blew the fire into car #2, which was parked directly in front of our place.  Cue a couple of loud explosions and a fire ball.  The neighbors were worried that our house might catch fire.  And for good reason!  Sadly, a dog lost its life. However, everything appears to be in order with the house.

Recognize the "Yes" scaffolding? This picture was in one of the papers.

Another picture from the paper.  Firefighters had it under control in about 45 minutes.

Possibly a few singed bricks and some melted material on the scaffolding. Otherwise, nothing appears out of the ordinary. Onward with the build!

They also delivered the steel beams this week. Ryan is testing one out.  The beams are laid end-to-end all the way into the back garden.

Ryan is looking from the kitchen up to his room while Garett checks out the test pit (to ensure the foundation holds when they dig down).

Another debate this week was over the staircase.  We haven't decided yet if we're keeping it or rebuilding it. We're leaning towards keeping/fixing it, but it's not in sound condition.

Apparently they don't build 'em like they used to.  No one has the skills to build a curved handrail anymore, so the only way to preserve the handrail is to keep the whole thing.

Stay tuned...

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