Sunday, April 20, 2014

Trip to the New Forest

This week Garett, Ryan and I ventured south to the New Forest and stayed at The Pig Hotel.  The New Forest is a national park in England where wild horses and other animals roam freely.  We could have easily hung out at the hotel (a foodie haven) and let Ryan endlessly swing on the tree swing.  But we also went hiking and cycling.  The Spring weather was beautiful.  On our last day we drove back in the general direction of London and stopped at the Ardingly Antiques Fair.  This is one of the UK's largest antiques fairs, with over 1,000 stalls. The vast majority of the stalls are outside. Ryan was completely bored, but I found lots of interesting things...including a heavy, rusted cast iron bust for the garden (future garden) and a large French glass bottle.  Garett bought a heavy copper pan for £20 and polished it up nicely.  He has already used it.

Happy Easter!  Despite all of the lovely weather earlier in the week today is soggy.  Here is the latest update on the Wildwood Grove house: the seller received 15 offers, with 10 over asking price.  We put in a second offer during the "best and final" round, but we're not expecting to be the highest bid.  We'll find out on Tuesday after the holiday weekend. Meanwhile, the search continues...

The Pig

Springtime at The Pig

A big tree swing - Ryan's favorite!

The Pig is now Ryan's 2nd favorite place (after Fethiye, Turkey)

Hmm...same color as the Mini.  Keep dreaming, Garett!

Ryan in the walled kitchen garden.  All of the hotel's food is sourced within 25 miles.

These are the first ponies we spotted on our 15 mile bike ride.

Ryan was only a little rusty after his summertime bike excursions in Indiana.  This bike had hand brakes and gears - something new to learn!

Yes, there were also a few cows and bulls along the way (and herds of deer).

 Photo op with a beautiful white horse.

Conveniently, a pub was along the route.  But no one told us we had to cycle uphill to get there!

Garett and Ryan enjoying lunch in the pub's garden.  Does that kid need a haircut or what?

A horse in the car park?

 Riding along a two-lane road among the gorse.

And finally...Garett attempts to reorganize the boot of the Mini with Shelly's antique finds. The green glass bottle (hidden - back right) sat on my lap all the way back to London.


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