Monday, February 10, 2014

Weekend Away from London

Ryan and I traveled to Twickenham on the school "coach" (bus) on Saturday for a chess tournament.  There were 34 teams competing for a place in the semi-finals of the English Primary Schools Chess Association championship.  As we crossed the Thames, we got an appreciation for how high the river is and where it has already breached its banks.  It seems as if many parts of the UK are flooding right now.

Ryan is on the Under 11 team and his team placed 5th, which qualified them for the semi-finals. Ryan won 3 1/2 out of 5 matches. After the chess tournament, we took the train from Marylebone station to Oxfordshire and spent the rest of the weekend at the country house of one of Ryan's friends.  The wind was fierce and the weather was stormy, but we had a very enjoyable time.  Ryan did a lot of running around (see pictures below).

We were finally able to Skype with Garett last night.  The bandwidth at his hotel has been limited up until now.  Garett gets the day off tomorrow (Tuesday) and he is planning to go up to the Alpine events to see how far his Olympic pass can take him.  Tuesday will be his only day off for the entire month.  We're enjoying hearing about the stories from Sochi and my favorite one is about the stray dogs.  Garett's kitchen has adopted one as a mascot...Tatiana is black with white paws. It's too bad Garett can't bring her back to the UK!

Ryan with friends

Ryan - lone character running across the meadow

Door knocker of treehouse #1 (treehouse #2 is across the hanging bridge in the distance)

Ryan running across the bridge from one treehouse to the next

A blurry Ryan chases the chickens

Ryan in front of the thatched roof house

Ryan on Board 2

Ryan giving advice to his teammate

Getting ready for their first opponents

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