Friday, December 14, 2012

Munich Christmas Markets

Ryan and I took a quick weekend trip to Munich to visit the Christmas markets - it was freezing cold!

Ryan in the English Gardens

Christmas Market in Marienplatz (the main Christmas market)

The glockenspiel at the Neues Rathaus (New Town Hall) in Marienplatz

Walking around the city - lots of bikes

Speaking of bikes - Did you know Santa rides one too?

Ryan found a cookie for Garett at one of the stalls (I love you)

Lots of cookies and other baked goodies

Christmas tree ornaments

We drank gluhwein and kinderpunsch to stay warm

I think this is bauernbratwurst (2 foot long sausage) - Day 1

Ryan liked it so much he had another one - Day 2

Grampus is one of Santa's meanie helpers.  He carries sticks on his back and spanks the naughty children.  We saw a pack of Grampuses (Grampi?).  They scared the living daylights out of Ryan.

The market stalls are just as pretty (if not prettier) at night

A Munich building all lit up for Christmas

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