Monday, May 7, 2012

Ryan's 8th Birthday

Normally the weather is beautiful for Ryan's birthday, but this year it was chilly in London (high of 48) and threatening rain.  This did not deter Ryan and his friends from having a good time at Dinosaur Safari Golf.  Garett was a little stressed from making sure no one used the putters as weapons.

Back at the flat we had chocolate cake with raspberry and chocolate ganache filling - baked from scratch by Garett.  Apparently two of the boys don't eat chocolate or cake, so they declined.  Who knew?  Playing games on the iPad (Plants vs Zombies) and computer (Balloons Tower Defense 5) proved much more popular.  Ryan enjoyed opening all of his gifts and he is already putting them to good use.  I should have known better than to recommend Monopoly London Olympics.  The day ended with Ryan's favorite dinner...sushi!

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